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March 12, 2011
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Ash Ketchum the young trainer from Pallet Town life will never be the same again once he learns about his family's secret

We now find our heroes walkingt in the woods and Ash is  travelling with his two friends Brock and Dawn and of course his first pokemon pikachu

Brock: hey Dawn could you find us a good place to camp for the night I need to get started on cooking dinner

Dawn: Okay Brock I think that area with the fresh water pond looks like a good place to set up camp

Brock: Good choice Dawn its nice and open and very clean

Ash: Hey Brock mind if I rest by that tree with pikachu?

Brock: Not at all Ash go ahead

Ash: Hey pikachu what do you want to do today old buddy?

Pikachu: Pikapipi pikachu [I don't know Ash we could help Brock cook]

Ash: Its too bad I can't ever understand what your saying old buddy

Team Rocket suddenly shows up and Ash puts his hand in the air to tell them they won't get pikachu when suddenly a psychic blast come out of his hand and destroys the balloon [Note They did not have time to say their motto]

Pikachu: Pika pika chu chu pika? [I didn't know humans could do that how did you though Ash?]

Ash: They can't do that pikachu that's a pokemon attack

Pikachu: Pikapipi pika!!! [Ash did you realize you just responded to my comment and correctly I might add

Ash: Pikachu I'm not sure how but I understand you somehow [Ash was also unaware that he has starting to grow a tail]

Ash: I'm a little sleepy all of a sudden wake me when dinner is ready pikachu

Brock: Dinner is ready guys [note they were there for about an 2 hours

Dawn: Thanks Brock I'm starved

Pikachu: Pikapi!!! [Ash dinner is ready!!!]

Ash: Thanks Pikachu I'm starved [he is still unaware he now has full long pink tail]

Ash: Hey Dawn what did Brock make for dinner?

Dawn: I'm not too sure Ash he told me it was top secret so I have no idea either

while Dawn is talking to Ash she notices that Ash has grown a long pink tail but decided to tell or rather inform Ash after dinner

Brock: Your all in for a treat today
All three of the heroes begin to eat the food

Ash: Wow Brock you really outdid yourself on this meal its so flavorful but what is it?

Brock: Thanks Ash I tried using a new recipe today and I see you liked it alright and its steak covered in breadcrumbs and served with a poached egg and with my brand new Brock patented spices

Dawn: Wow Brock those spices are out of this world

Brock: Heh heh glad you two like it

Brock: Which reminds me hey pikachu did you like my new pokemon food recipe?

Pikachu: pika!!! [Yes its awesome]

Ash: Pikachu says its awesome

Brock: Hey Ash can I ask you something?

Ash: Sure Brock what is it?

Brock: Since when could you understand pokemon?

Ash: about an hour ago I guess

Dawn: Ash I hate to bring this up but how have you had that pink tail coming out of you butt?

Ash:??? Dawn humans don't have tails!!!

Brock looks behind Ash and sees the long pink Tail and is shocked with his mouth wide open :O

Brock:A-A-A-Ash I'm afraid Dawn is right you do have a tail and if I'm not mistaken its the tail of a mew

Ash: If this is true only one person would know why and that would be my mother

So they go to the nearest pokemon center and call Mrs. Ketchum

Ash: Mom how come I've grown a mew's tail?

Delia: I can't believe its happening to Ash

Ash: what is mom?

Delia: Well its a family secret from my side of the family one of your ancestors was a mew and caused the males of the family to eventually turn into mews that can talk human

Ash: So I'm turning into a mew?

Delia: I thought I finished the whole cycle of the males turning into mews when I had you Ash since I never turned into a  mew but it seems to skip the females of the family and goes straight to the males of the family but don't worry about pokeballs though.

Ash: But if I turn into a mew it suck me into it mom!!!

Delia: The reason you will still be able to talk is due to the fact you still would be part human and the pokeball won't be able to suck you in it

Ash: Then that means!!!

Delia: You can still be a pokemon trainer my father still stayed as a  trainer even though he turned into a mew

Ash: Yay I can still be a pokemon master!!!

Suddenly Ash started to shrink and his clothes sharank as well then his ears went to the top of his head and his hair became pink and his hands and feet became paws and after all the changes took place a mew wearing Ash's clothes was in Ash's place [note Ash keep his hairstyle even in mew form]

Brock: Ash you alright

Ash started to float and nodded

Ash: I guess I'm a  full mew now but at least my clothes shrank with me

Dawn: You looks so cute Ash seeing you like this makes me want to hug you!!!

Ash: Dawn not now I need to finish the conversation with Mom

Delia: You will need to learn mew's powers if you want to have children Ash and I've already told Professor Oak about the family secret he assured me he will keep it a secret bye Ash see you alter

Ash: Bye mom

Suddenly a call for Ash appeared on the videophone and it was Professor Oak

Oak: Hi Ash I got your mother's message and I think its cool you turned into a  mew and Delia told me you will need to learn a mew's techniques so I wanted to tell you I am sending a TM with the move psychic over to you when you use it you will learn psychic bye Ash

Ash: Hmmm psychic I will use it later

Next time Pikachu's boot camp!!!
My own Pokemon Fanfic

Pokemon: belongs to pokemon
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elias4 Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2014
It's great but can you make a part 2 please?
conorsaffron Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2013
Misskittycatcutiepie Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
more please!
theyaoione Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2013
neat can't wait for more
PD1992 Featured By Owner May 20, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
*egerly waits for ch 2* o3o this is so amazing
RobtheMorpher Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2012
Um...why are you not continuing this?
Browntown747 Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2012
snivy [I totally forogt about this story] [Gah I'm so stupid]
RobtheMorpher Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2012
Hey um, about the Ashtini thing, now would be the perfect time for Sassa to appear! You know, to lighten the mood a little bit?
Browntown747 Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2012
snivy [I forogt the data on Sassa can you vie me some Data then?]
RobtheMorpher Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2012
Sassa is a shape shifter who has, for some very unexplained reason, fallen in love with my OC. In fact, no one knows why she fell in love with Rob in the first place, and she has well forgotten it by now. She likes to appear at the most INOPERTUNE TIMES (hence why now would be a good time for her to appear, since it would be at an inopertune time)! However, not much else is known about Sassa herself. Whever she's about to appear, there's always the sound of a record screech and then after that, Amy's theme from Sonic Adventre DX: Director's cut plays (and for some unknown reason, another female character has that trait too, but she's not going to appear). Again, there's not that much else I can say about Sassa herself. She's pretty much identical to the "Mystery" Characteristic of my OC (maybe THAT'S why she loves him?).
Oh and, I guess I should explain that last part...
Each one of my OC's friends has an aspect with him that they share. Sassa's identical trait is the Mysterious aspect. Another example is that Somashoke (who will not appear) matches my OC's Strength Aspect. An even better example is that Dilgo (who also doesn't appear) cordinates to the Joking part of my OC. All I'm trying to say with this pararagraph here, is that each one of my OC's friends represent each of my OC's aspects. There's a friend for everyone of them. Sometimes, my OC will get turned into Robala, which is basically the female version of my OC. To represent this, there are also friends of my OC that happen to be girls that represent other quilities of my OC as well (hence where Sassa originates from).
However, Throsten was made after I had all of the traits planned. When I was trying to make a partner for my OC for the story of my OC in Salen, I looked back on the traits and realize that I was missing one trait: Courage. Thus enters Throsten, the couragous Umbreon! My OC and Throsten start out helping one another reach their goals. Eventually, My OC gets him memory back while visiting Salen (and it was lost after a certain incident) and then helps Throsten become couragous. The two become almost insepretable friends. Rob had to leaves Salen and go back to his time, but somehow Throsten Followed him during the events of My OC's story of Rob Snowden: Ather F (Author Eef). And then after that, Throsten wanted to try become commended for Bravery, so he went to Glaceon Village. That's when he met Glacia, the Glaceon Princess of the village, and went with her to check out Tal Tal heights. Glacia was injured Badly by Dr. Dalfino, and Throsten watched him flee into a barrier. Throsten gave chase, but was soon captured by Team Galactic (not before putting up a fight though) and caged to be executed. However, my OC saves the day by taking on the girl body of Glacia and infultraiting the base that way.
But...the last of the paragraph before this one is just how the event that got Throsten commended for his courage by the Glaceon Village King in the first place.
Any ways, sorry for being random there for two paragraphs, but I need to explain all that. Just take what's in the first paragraph and ignore that last sentence.
Oh wait, I guess I do need to mention one other thing: Whenever Sassa finds my OC, my OC uses whatever he can to get the HELL AWAY FROM HER!
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